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Seychelles FSA publishes new Beneficial Ownership Guidelines.

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The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published updated Beneficial Ownership Guidelines, marking a significant milestone in the jurisdiction’s commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency.

The comprehensive guidelines provide clear directives for identifying and reporting beneficial ownership. This initiative underscores Seychelles’ dedication to combating money laundering, preventing terrorist financing, and maintaining a robust regulatory environment.

The new guidelines replace the previous ones, ensuring consistency and clarity in beneficial ownership reporting. These updates are critical for reinforcing regulatory compliance and promoting transparency within the financial sector.

Adopting these updated guidelines strengthens the integrity of Seychelles’ financial sector and ensures a secure and transparent business environment. This move aligns Seychelles with global standards, enhancing its reputation as a reliable financial jurisdiction. Furthermore, these measures are crucial for fostering sustainable economic growth and attracting international investment.

By prioritising regulatory compliance and transparency, Seychelles demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a secure financial ecosystem. This not only boosts investor confidence but also positions the country as a leader in financial regulation. The updated Beneficial Ownership Guidelines reflect Seychelles’ proactive stance in protecting the financial sector from illicit activities, thereby fostering a stable and prosperous economic environment.

Read the full guidelines here (PDF).

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