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Offshore administration services.

From corporate governance to regulatory adherence, our complete day-to-day administration and international compliance services ensure your operations meet legal standards seamlessly in offshore jurisdictions.

Business services in Singapore

Governance, accounting, tax & HR services.

Company secretarial services to ensure your company fulfils its obligations each year.
Maintaining your company’s accounting records and financial well-being.
Preparation and filing of tax returns and other tax duties.
Calculating and processing salaries for your staff.
Securing visa for you, your team and dependants.

Supporting services.

Provision of shareholders and key company officers.

Agent services to receive legal documents on your behalf.

Drafting commercial agreements, consultancy and employment contracts.

Translation services in all major languages to support delivery of our service.

Helping companies achieve project their objectives within scope, time and budget.

How Acclime can help.

Our administration services bring peace of mind and clarity to doing offshore business.

Proactive compliance

Whilst proactively handling your administrative taks, we will advise you on the process and progress, keeping you fully informed. You can be assured we will remind you when your input is needed avoiding delays.

Document safekeeping

We always make sure all official documents are issued, updated and completed. We will keep a record of changes to your company and make the documents available online, where applicable.

Regional administration

If you are doing business in other offshore jurisdictions or onshore Asian markets, we can help simplify your operations by taking over your compliance across the region and consolidating it into one package.

Strategic advisory

Besides meeting your statutory obligations, we can offer strategic advice on a host of issues, ranging from corporate through compliance to legal advisory and even wealth protection.