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Offshore company
secretary services.

Stay compliant offshore with our expert secretarial services. As your named company secretary, we help structure your company, maintain statutory records, and handle annual returns using advanced software, ensuring your business meets its obligations effortlessly each year.

Offshore company secretary service

Operate your offshore business stress-free with a dedicated company secretary.

Guidance at every step

Trust the years of our secretarial experience and let us support you and your business. We have successfully helped and guided a variety of business entities of various sizes, from startups to larger established companies.

Deadline reminders

We are proactively monitoring your compliance requirements and act or notify you in time. You never have to worry about late filings or overdue fees.

Your documents online

Our company secretary service is 100% online. You can sign all necessary paperwork electronically via DocuSign, and the company documents will be securely kept online where you can always view them.

Company secretarial services

Providing and acting as your company secretary.

A company secretary is responsible for handling ongoing statutory compliance matters and ensuring your company is compliant with all regulatory requirements.

  • Provision of a named company secretary

    This includes all mandatory annual procedures. As your named company secretary, we will:

    • Assist in corporate structuring
    • Establish and maintain statutory records
    • Enhance corporate governance and ensure international compliance
    • Issue share certificates or other ownership instruments
    • Prepare and file annual returns
    • Prepare and file licence applications
    • Prepare, file and pay licence fees
Single annual fee

Common questions & answers.

Does an offshore company need to have a company secretary?

In many jurisdictions, it is a requirement for offshore companies to appoint a company secretary. The role of a company secretary is crucial as they play a key part in ensuring that the company complies with statutory obligations and regulations. Beyond mere compliance, a company secretary often serves as a liaison between the company’s management and its shareholders, facilitating effective communication and coordination.

Furthermore, in certain jurisdictions, not only is the appointment of a company secretary mandatory, but there is also a stipulation that the individual occupying this role must meet specific qualifications. These qualifications may include professional certifications or relevant experience to ensure that the company secretary possesses the necessary expertise to fulfil their responsibilities effectively.

What does a company secretary do?

A company secretary is pivotal in supporting the board of directors, particularly during board meetings. Their responsibilities extend to ensuring compliance with statutory obligations, and this includes the timely completion of all necessary statutory filings. These filings are typically submitted to the registrar of companies and the company’s register at the registrar’s office.

Beyond these regulatory obligations, company secretaries are integral in facilitating effective communication between the board, management, and shareholders. They often contribute to the drafting of meeting agendas, record minutes of meetings, and help ensure that decisions made during board meetings align with legal and governance requirements.

Who can be a company secretary?

The role of a company secretary is versatile, and the qualifications for individuals occupying this position can vary. In general, a company secretary can be any individual or legal entity. However, depending on specific jurisdictional requirements, there may be a stipulation that the appointed company secretary must hold certain qualifications.

Typically, a qualified company secretary possesses specific professional qualifications. This may include individuals with a legal background, such as attorneys at law or barristers. Alternatively, someone with specific company secretarial qualifications or a background in accountancy may also be considered suitable for the role.

Does the secretary need be an individual?

In certain jurisdictions, the appointment of a company secretary necessitates an individual, while many offshore jurisdictions permit the designation of a corporate secretary. It is crucial to be aware of the specific regulations in the relevant jurisdiction to ensure compliance with the stipulated requirements regarding the form of the appointed company secretary.

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