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Offshore immigration & visa services.

If you are a professional in Hong Kong, Singapore or Mauritius, or a business wanting to hire foreign employees in these jurisdictions, our immigration team is ready to assist you in securing the right visas for yourself, your team, and their families.

Offshore immigration services

Taking care of the whole immigration process from start to finish.

Document gathering

In this essential step, we ensure that all necessary documents and paperwork are complete, accurate, and in compliance with the immigration regulations.

Translation & legalisation

When and where required, we can secure document translations and legalisations or other authentication of your personal or corporate documents.

Processing visa applications

We then coordinate the processing of these visas and applications, drawing on our in-house professional skills and global network.

Immigration & visa services

Visa application & conversion for you, your family and team.

  • Visa application

    Securing the following visas in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mauritius (including collection, renewal and cancellation):

    • Employment visa
    • Investment visa
    • Dependent visas for spouses and children
    • China employment and business investment visas (together with accompanying family members)
    • Singapore employment passes and dependent passes
  • Visa conversion

    Change of immigration status, for example, a conversion from visitor to employment visa.


Common questions & answers.

How long does it take to obtain a visa?

The duration to obtain a visa varies across jurisdictions. The processing time largely depends on the specific immigration policies and procedures of the country you are applying to. Generally, if all the required documents are submitted in accordance with the specified requirements, the processing time tends to be faster. It is advisable to check with the respective immigration authority or consulate for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding visa processing times.

How long are residence permits valid for?

The validity period of residence permits is contingent upon the regulations of the specific location. Typically, residence permits are issued for a duration exceeding one year and can remain valid for up to five years, depending on the country.

Can residence permits be renewed?

Yes, residence permits are renewable. After the initial validity period expires, individuals holding a residence permit may apply for a renewal to extend their authorised stay. Renewal processes and requirements vary by jurisdiction, so it is crucial to adhere to the specific guidelines outlined by the immigration authorities in the respective country.

Once application is made, can a residence permit be refused?

Yes, the approval of a residence permit is ultimately at the discretion of the government authority responsible for issuing the permit. Despite submitting all required documents and meeting the specified criteria, there is no guarantee of approval. Immigration authorities assess applications on a case-by-case basis, considering various factors such as the applicant’s background, purpose of stay, and adherence to immigration regulations. If a residence permit is refused, the applicant is usually provided with reasons for the decision. In such cases, individuals may have the option to appeal the decision or explore alternative immigration options depending on the policies of the specific jurisdiction.

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