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Outsourced payroll services.

Outsource your offshore company payroll to our expert team. We adeptly handle the intricacies of payroll processes, ensuring strict compliance with your jurisdiction’s regulations and efficiently managing these time-consuming tasks for you.

Outsourced payroll services for offshore jurisdictions

Leave your payroll to
our offshore business experts.

Simplify your payroll by leveraging the benefits of working with the offshore payroll experts. Through our online-managed outsourced payroll services, you will get:

Integrated tax compliance

Besides calculating and processing payroll, we can also confidently file compliance reports on your behalf.

Robust reporting

Detailed reporting that allows you to keep in control of your HR management and costs.

Online management portal

Manage and view your payroll through a self-service platform; no spreadsheets or documents to mail.

Complete payroll services

Flexible and scalable payroll outsourcing solutions.

Experience seamless payroll management with our comprehensive services that encompass every facet of the payroll process. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and can be customized to align perfectly with your company’s distinct needs and requirements

  • Initial payroll setup

    We will import your employee data and set up the payroll system to meet your needs, regardless of what compensation and benefits policy your company has.


  • Monthly payroll processing*

    We will notify you to confirm essential employee details, such as salary, leaves and more. We will then take care of your payroll calculations, statutory contributions, filings, salary payments and other paperwork for you. All you need to do for us is to review and approve the documents. Detailed reports such as payslips and other documents will be available online on the service platform.


  • Helpdesk

    We will provide virtual help desk support to answer employee queries about their payroll. These are channelled through the authorised person in your company.


  • Year-end services

    We will prepare and submit all necessary year-end returns, filings and tax forms for each employee.


  • Client self-service portal

    Like our other services, our outsourced payroll service is also managed online through our platform, which makes it more convenient for you. There will be no spreadsheets, documents, emails or phone calls required. You can access the payroll online at any time through ESS and MSS and manage:

    • Employee data
    • Employee attendance
    • Requesting and managing leave
    • Claiming expenses and more


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*Our monthly regular processing fees follow a tiered structure, where the average fees per employee will decrease as the total number of employees increase. The total monthly processing fees will be the sum of the costs for each tier. Your actual monthly fees will then vary based on the fluctuations in your headcount.

An irregular processing fee will be applied as required for any employee payment processing, which does not coincide with monthly regular payroll processing (off-cycle processing), eg religious festivities bonus, performance bonus pay-outs, incentives, etc.

Payroll implementation process

Simple steps to implement your payroll.

1. Initial assessment

First, we will identify your payroll needs, select suitable services and prepare the initiation of the selected services. We will also evaluate ways to improve the overall payroll process.

2. Service blueprint

Once the services are chosen, we will produce a payroll blueprint document which sets out the aspects of the payroll administration, such as initial data migration, ongoing processing, calculation details, reporting requirements and employee services and payroll calendar. This blueprint will act as a guideline for both parties.

3. Testing phase

During the testing phase, we will customise the payroll system to satisfy your needs, set up the system, transfer the employee data and integrate transaction data.

4. Parallel run & evaluation

Next, we will analyse the results with the previous payroll calculations. We then will evaluate the calculation differences and switch to our payroll system for the agreed contractual time.

5. Production

Finally, your payroll system will be set up and ready to launch.

Ongoing customer support from people who care about your team.

Engage with our services for professional payroll and tax support. Even if your company is running smoothly, we remain vigilant, promptly notifying you of any regulatory changes that may potentially impact your business

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Why Acclime?

Your premier partner for complete and efficient payroll.

Reduced operating costs

Save operating expenses with our cost-effective payroll technology. You can combine services like HR, accounting, and taxation to reduce your spending even further.

Complete payroll solution

We offer comprehensive services tailored to your company size and needs, ensuring accurate and timely staff payments. From payroll and benefits calculation to tax processing, payments, reporting, and compliance filings.

Effective communication & reporting

Simplify your work and stay informed about your payroll through our efficient services, consistent reporting, and a single point of contact for communication.

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Manage your team’s payroll with a complete payroll solution tailored to your specific requirements.

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