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Offshore accounting services.

From precise bookkeeping to timely statutory reporting, our accounting services keep you compliant, give you an accurate and transparent insight into your company’s financial well-being and improve business performance and profitability.

Offshore accounting services

Reliable accounting services
that scale with your needs.

Flexible options

Tailor our services to fit your needs—monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Pay for the service that best suits your business.

Timely reminders

Our accountants will always update you on any upcoming due dates, eliminating any worry about missing a deadline.

Real-time access

Gain continuous access to your financial data and reports, empowering you with real-time financial insights and support.

Essential accounting services

Comprehensive accounting & statutory compliance services.

Regardless of your company’s location, preparing accounts in line with local corporate legislation is crucial for shareholders and directors to make informed decisions. This is a legal requirement in most onshore and offshore jurisdictions. Acclime offers in-house accounting services in all jurisdictions in which we operate. Alternatively, our professional global network can refer you to a reputable accountancy firm.

Bookkeeping & statutory compliance

  • Bookkeeping & transaction processing

    Setting up your books and all required ledgers for your business our cloud-based accounting systems, and assisting in transitioning from legacy systems. Maintaining monthly bookkeeping based on approved payment vouchers, claim forms, bank statements, bank-in slips, bank credit advice, bank debit advice, and other accounting source information provided by your management. Establishing automatic bank account feeds and setting up all payments in bank transactions for client approval online.

    Monthly, quarterly or annually

  • Financial reporting/Management accounts

    Preparing and submitting monthly financial accounts, including the Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Bank Reconciliation. These documents are submitted for approval to both our local office and headquarters. Additionally, if needed, we can provide bank signatories.

    Monthly, quarterly or semi-annually

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Accounting compliance reporting

  • Year-end financial statement

    Preparing and presenting year-end financial statements for businesses, involving the compilation of essential financial documents and summaries. This process offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial performance and position at the end of the fiscal year.


  • Audit assistance

    Facilitating audit processes by coordinating communication and information exchange between the client and auditors. Ensuring a smooth and efficient audit experience through the provision of necessary documentation and support.


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accounting services.

Depending on your company size, you may also need some of our additional one-off or ongoing accounting services:

  • Preparation of business plans
  • Financial modelling and forecasting
  • Debt analysis and recovery services
  • Audit of documentary credit transactions
  • Trading and letter of credit services
Why Acclime?

Your strategic partner for efficient and expert accounting solutions.

On-time and error-free

Let our specialised team of certified accountants manage your accounts. We ensure that our work is delivered on time and without costly mistakes.

Experienced accountants

We have a clear understanding of the local laws and regulations and can confidently guide you through setting up the right accounting structure and maintenance for your business.

Regional specialists

Our active presence in many global offshore jurisdictions and onshore markets in Asia-Pacific can help your business expand to other important regional markets.


Common questions & answers.

Is accounting mandatory in offshore jurisdictions?

Yes, all companies must prepare their accounts to reflect the correct financial position of the company. They are obligated to prepare these for every financial record the company makes.

Do the accounts need to be in any specific format?

In most cases, offshore companies are expected to prepare their accounts in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). However, some offshore jurisdictions allow companies to use alternative standards, such as those in the United States, like the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP).

Do accounts need to be audited?

Auditing accounts is often mandated in many offshore jurisdictions, ensuring an additional layer of financial scrutiny. However, the specific requirements vary, and some offshore jurisdictions may not impose mandatory auditing of accounts.

What is the accounting date for offshore companies?

Upon incorporation in most offshore jurisdictions, companies have the flexibility to choose a financial year end. Following this election, companies typically have a maximum of 18 months from the incorporation date to finalise their accounts, provided that this period does not extend beyond two calendar years. This flexibility allows businesses to align their accounting practices with their specific operational needs in the offshore environment.

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