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Why Madeira?

The MIBC is an established and important international business hub, wholly within Portugal and thus part of the European Union and consists of a Free Trade Industrial Zone, an International Services Centre and an International Shipping Register.

Key benefits.

Having been expressly approved by the European Union, the MIBC is a credible and stable location for international operations, providing an extremely competitive low corporate income tax rate. The recently approved Tax Regime IV provides the following main tax benefits:

  • A reduced corporate tax rate of 5%, guaranteed until 2027
  • Exemption of withholding tax on dividends paid to non Portuguese resident shareholders (corporate or individuals), as long as these are not resident in a black listed jurisdiction
  • No withholding tax on interest and other forms of payment for shareholders’ loans, capital allowances or advances made by the shareholders to the company, as long as the shareholders are non-residents in Portugal
  • Worldwide participation exemption regime applicable to dividends, reserves, capital gains and losses
  • Exemption of withholding tax on royalties, services fees or interest paid to third parties
  • Possibility to apply Portugal’s recent Patent Box Regime
  • Capital gains tax exemption on the sale of participations held in the Madeira company
  • Exemption of notarial and registration fees
  • 80% reduction on the rate of Stamp Duty, municipal transaction taxes and municipal property taxes
  • 80% reduction on regional and municipal surcharges

Services offered in Madeira.

  • Incorporation, structuring, and management of Madeira companies set up within the Services Sector of the Madeira International Business Centre
  • Day-to-day company administration including opening and operating bank accounts, issuing invoices, VAT management, accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Registration of vessels, yachts and ships
  • Management of shipping companies
  • Specialist advice regarding the use of Madeira’s Industrial Free Trade Zone
  • Advice and structuring required for individuals who wish to take use of Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme or Non Habitual Residents regime
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