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Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the gateway to China’s burgeoning market for imported goods and services. Its strategic location at the heart of Asia provides unparalleled transport connections with Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific regions. The business-friendly environment is characterised by an open market with no import duties.

The tax regime in Hong Kong is both low and straightforward, with a maximum tax rate of 15% on Hong Kong salary income and property. Corporate profits tax is capped at 16.5%, applicable only to Hong Kong-sourced profits. Notably, sales and capital gains are not subject to taxation, and there is no value-added tax (VAT), estate tax, or tax on dividends.

Hong Kong boasts a freely convertible currency, contributing to its status as a world-class business hub with excellent infrastructure. The stock market is highly liquid and familiar to foreign investors. The banking sector is well-regulated, adding to the overall stability of the financial environment.

Key benefits.

  • Low personal tax rates, no capital gains tax and low inheritance tax

  • No restriction on the free entry and repatriation of funds
  • A Hong Kong company is resident and domiciled in a country with a highly regarded international reputation, thus facilitating our clients to more successfully trade in Asia and trade globally
  • Many double-taxation treaties
  • Popular location for Asian regional headquarters
  • Corporation tax rate of max to 16.5%
  • Territorial tax regime

Services offered in Hong Kong.

  • International incorporations, maintenance, administration and company secretarial services
  • In-house accounting and administration services
  • Assistance with work permits
  • Trademark registrations
  • Corporate banking introduction and liaison services
  • Virtual office, domain names and mail forwarding services
  • Trade and logistics services
  • Payroll services
  • Document management and record-keeping services
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