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Incorporate in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

Why the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom has an open economy in which international trade and investment play a significant role.

Economic prosperity is further enhanced by overseas businesses making the United Kingdom their European and International business base.

More than 35% of all foreign investment in Europe is made through the United Kingdom, which offers the best-regulated marketplace, the best communication systems and the lowest taxation rates.

Key benefits.

  • The most favoured inward investment location in Europe, attracting around 40% of Japanese, US and Asian investment into the European Union
  • Fast, easy access to the European Union single market and an environment which allows business to prosper
  • Companies based in the United Kingdom are well-placed to do business in the global marketplace
  • The UK’s integrated transport network provides fast, low-cost delivery throughout Europe
  • The United Kingdom’s business environment gives every incentive for companies to grow, innovate and compete in a global marketplace
  • The United Kingdom boasts the lowest utilities costs in the European Union
  • Its telecommunications industry is one of the most advanced in the world
  • Certain tax allowances are available to companies setting up in specific areas of the United Kingdom
  • The United Kingdom has one of the lowest main corporation tax rate of any major industrialised country

Services offered in the United Kingdom.

  • Incorporation, structuring and management of UK companies
  • Day-to-day company administration including opening and operating bank accounts, issuing invoices, VAT management, accounting and bookkeeping services
  • UK tax planning services for both resident and non-resident individuals and businesses
  • Business support services for clients wishing to establish a base in Britain
  • Specialist advice and services relating to British and EU market-entry
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