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Offshore trademark registration & IP protection.

Benefit from protecting your intellectual property through an offshore trust, foundation or company. With the support of specialised law firms, we can assist in registering your trademarks, patents and copyright.

Offshore trademark registration & IP protection

Strengthen the commercial protection of your brand.

Your brand may or may not be protected by the trademark treaties depending on the location where your business operates. With our years of experience in international intellectual protection, we will support you throughout the process to secure your brand in regions you already operate or plan to expand. Let us help you in conducting the initial trademark search, ensuring your application is approved and providing legal advice throughout the process.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property protection that distinguishes the goods and services of one trade from others.

The trademark must be able to be represented graphically. You can register your trademark under two conditions: you are already using the mark, or you intend to use it soon. It is important that your trademark is active continuously for a minimum of three years to avoid the non-use cancellation action.

Benefits of registering a trademark.

The benefits of having your trademark registered is that it gives you full ownership and exclusive rights to use the trademark in Singapore and other jurisdictions. The owner of the trademark has the right to bring up a suit against any other person who is using the trademark without permission.

What you can and cannot trademark.


You can trademark words, names, phrases, letters, designs, indications, numerals, colours, scent, sound, signs, shape of goods, aspect of packaging or any of these combined.


You cannot trademark work that is protected by copyright such as books, drawings, films, songs, theatrical performances or any form of creative work. Additionally, business methods, inventions, mechanical devices and processes cannot be trademarked as utility patents protect them. Any intellectual property cannot protect ideas alone; they would need to be tangible to be eligible.
Trademark registration services

Simple steps to protecting your brand.

1. Conducting a comprehensive study or trademark search

By ordering a trademark search report, you will be able to evaluate the probabilities of registration without problems. Approximately one-third of all trademark applications globally are never completed because of objections that normally arise during the registration process because of similarities to other registered trademarks.

Along with the registration search and recommendations, the Acclime search presents a completed form on how and where the trademark should be filed. By allowing us to complete the registration process, you can ensure that your trademark has been registered correctly.

2. Trademarks journal examination

If the trademark is registrable, the application will be published in the Trademarks Journal for public inspection for two months. If an examiner has objections, the company will be notified and has four months to respond, otherwise the application may be removed.

3. Obtaining the registration certificate

If there are no objections to your trademark, the objection is withdrawn or decided in favour of the applicant, the trademark will be registered. You will receive a registration certificate that is valid for 10 years.

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